Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two-Wheeled Low Cuts!

This little blog was was set up as a retort to the original  "Two-Wheeled Locusts" blog. The original blog was obviously set up by a mountain biker... pretty low, alright...

Our blog is

Theirs is  

(Note the difference? Mountain bikers can't spell!)
"Dedicated to the intersection of Mountain Biking, Singletrack and Destruction."

Of course, there are no posts, at all, on the original "wheeledlocuts" blog. Mountain bikers are oblivious to their callous treatment of the natural environment, so blindered by their thrill ride and trail digging exploits, into addiction ---  like this borrow pit digging MTBer grrrl:

There is more than ample evidence against mountain biking's ongoing freeride activities (riding and trail building) inside our natural places, already, to be found on the sidebar of this blog...  

"The Perilous Plop of Professor Poopypants"

(with an apology to author, Dav Pilkey)

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Educational reading for the masses


"The aggressive mountain biking agenda hegemony required a more organized, consistent and sustained pushback, perhaps from a newly created and supported state/provincial or national organization to umbrella an effort to counter this mountain biking agenda creep... that threatens the peace and quiet of our greens and commons, our wildernesses and other public lands... at huge public costs and environmental impacts. Perhaps, it is too late...

NSMBA and corporate sponsor, TELUS Trail Day, 2014:  
"Sustainable" MTB trail building techniques. 
Need we say anymore?

This is the price of hikers/conservationists/environmentalists/equestrians being asleep at the wheel for the last 20/30 years, while the mountain bikers worked like termites..."
~R.R.K., retired "Marin County Open Space District" Planner

  Dry as moon dust... like "butt cracks" in the woods...

Mountain Bikers' have thoroughly eroded  the forest trails, 
(Summer 2015)

The poster children of "sustainable" mountain bike activities on Fromme Mountain, 
North Vancouver, BC Canada

Can anyone repeat: "Debris flow and flooding" (once heavy rains come?)
This will all flow downstream, as our politicians and government entities 
continue to support and fund the MTBers' EnviroMental Initiatives.

This is what happens to very eroded, dusty, dry MTB trails after a heavy rain... The Dreamweaver Trail on Fromme Mtn. has turned into a Nightmare... 
All this silt washes downslope into streams, creeks, ponds, etc....
(Lovely bunch of coconuts, these MTBers)
How debris flow starts...

Below, is a rainy day video of Lower Griffen Switchback Trail,
that the District of North Vancouver had deemed to be 
"SUSTAINABLE" for mountain biking...
It "helped" to silt the frog pond, too! 

Update: The District of North Vancouver had finally closed-decommissioned this pond silting, very eroded trail in March 2019. A decade later than was recommended... <sigh> 

(Debris flow and landslide problems can be caused by such land mismanagement, particularly in mountain, canyon and coastal regions. The clock is "ticking" on our North Shore Mtns.)

Perhaps, "It was never really about the bicycle. The contraption was merely a conveyance, a delivery system for a culture and a mind set and an industry that, even twenty years ago, was inevitable. It was about the never ending search to make money, from whatever means was available. It was about the packaging and promotion and marketing and exploitation of beauty and solitude and all the aspects of wild and open country that we once valued, in the name of Greed."
~Jim Stiles, "Canyon Country Zephyr"

“Recreation is no longer about an individual going out into the public land and enjoying themselves. It’s not about relaxation. It’s about weekend warriorism and group parties and conquering nature and corporations selling something. And these groups that support this new form of recreation realize that access is the key to their business.”
~Scott Silver, “Wild Wilderness" 

It is time for a BAN on mountain bikers' Trail Running dogs, 
who can become seriously injured (or killed) on the trails.
If the mountain bikers want to foolishly pummel their own bodies for a cheap thrillride,  
they should leave their dogs at home! 

It is sheer cruelty to run dogs ragged up and down the forest slopes for hours at a time!
(Updated: Sadly, the poor dog, Reggie, passed away from his horrific injuries)

Pinkbike Poll: Dogs on the Trail? - Pinkbike
An MTBer writes:
Jan 10, 2014 - "Alright, confession time: many years ago I hit and killed a dog when mountain biking down a fast, open section of trail. It was a terrible moment, ..."
Dear Father, hear and bless
Thy beasts and singing birds:
And guard with tenderness
Small things that have no words.

 ~A Child's Prayer 


The Anti-Social Face of a Muddy Mudbogging Mountain Biker 



Mountain bikers should respect the rules and common civility!